Picture Gallery 2011

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Image of Ukrainian embroidery.

Ten Year Anniversery

Image of acolyts.

October, 2011 marked the ten year anniversary of the tonsuring of Sub-deacon Lubomyr Hluchaniuk (center), Reader Geza Takacs (right), and Reader Mark Schaefer (left). With the blessing of Metropolitan Wasyly Fedak, the tonsuring was done by (then) Bishop Yuriy, on October 28, 2001. Mnohya Lita!

Image of Ukrainian embroidery.

Bishop Andrij's Visit

Image of Bishop Andrij being greeted by children.

Bishop Andrij is greeted by children of the parish.

Image of Bishop Andrij being greeted by parish president.

The Bishop is greeted by parish President Orysia Sushko.

Image of Bishop Andrij being greeted by parish priest.

The Bishop is greeted by parish priest Father Wasyl' Makarenko.

Image of bishop blessing.

Bishop Andrij blesses the congregation during the Divine Liturgy.

Image of Ukrainian embroidery.

Roofing Project 2010-2011

Image link to Roof Picture Gallery.

As you have probably noticed, the roof work has been completed, and we are very pleased with the results. Custom Cupola has done an outstanding job, working through the winter to to complete the work on schedule.

We are deeply grateful to all who have donated to this cause, and look forward to your continued support.

Click here to view a new picture gallery showcasing our roof and cupola renewal project.

Image of Ukrainian embroidery.
Image of mission trip. Image of mission trip. Image of mission trip.

Mission Trip to Ukrainian Orphanages

During the summer, parishioner Tanya Hluchaniuk (center) travelled to the village of Puhachiv as part of the Mission Team of College Age Students of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA to Ukrainian Orphanages. Click here to read the Press Release on the website of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA.

Image of Ukrainian embroidery.

Cleaning for Pascha

Image of people cleaning a church.

A heartfelt thanks to all the parishioners, both young and old, who turned out to help clean the church before Pascha.

Image of Ukrainian embroidery.

Sunday School Lesson ~ The Raising of Lazarus

Image of kids in sunday school

Teams of kids compete to wrap their volunteer 'Lazarus' in 'burial shrouds' in a lesson the week before Pascha. Sunday School is held in the school building every Sunday from 10 to 11 am (except on Youth Sunday - the first Sunday of each month). Lessons and crafts are planned to coincide with the days of the Church calendar. All kids are welcome!

Image of kids in sunday school Image of kids in sunday school Image of Ukrainian embroidery.

Youth Sundays

Image of children singing

Youth Sundays are held the first Sunday of every month. All of our younger parishioners are encouraged to get involved in the Divine Liturgy by reading, serving, handing out candles or singing in the choir.

Image of Ukrainian embroidery.

Perohy Bee

Image of kitchen workers.

You might have noticed all of the work taking place on the roof of our church - but are you aware of all the work going on in the church hall? Our thanks goes out to all of our parishioners who have donated their time and talents at our many perohy bees. Through their efforts, they have generated thousands of dollars for the roof project.

Image of Ukrainian embroidery.

Celebrating 30 Years of Pastoral Service

Image of church service.

On Sunday, January 23, a Moleben was held to commemorate Fr. Wasyl's 30 years of pastoral service. Shown in the photo from left to right are Fr. Deacon Melnyk, Rt. Rev. Fr. Wasyl, dobr. Larysa, Rt. Rev. Protopresbyter Bohdan Sencio, V. Rev. Fr. Volodymyr (Walter) Makarenko. After the Moleben the celebration continued with a banquet held in the church hall, which included a special program to recognize his many years of service to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada. We thank Fr. Wasyl and dobr. Larissa for their hard work, and wish them many more years to come. Mnohaya Lita!

Image of Ukrainian embroidery.

Ice Cross for Feast of Jordan

Image of a cross made of ice.

Parish caretaker Ivan Wasylyshen created this beautiful ice cross for the Feast of Jordan. Using a mixture of snow and water, it was built up in layers, and took about a week to make.