Service Times and General Information

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Divine Liturgy starts at 10:00 am from Labour Day until July 1, and at 9:30 am in the summers.

Divine Liturgy is served in English on the second Sunday and the last Saturday of every month.

Vespers is served in the Church at 5:00 pm on Saturdays and 6:30 pm on weekday evenings before a Feast day. On the second Saturday of the month, Vespers is served in the Holy Protection Orthodox Chapel, located in the Taras Shevchenko Senior's Complex, 190-194 Gage Ave. South.

On the first and third Thursdays of every month a prayer service is held in the Chapel at 4:00 pm. The Divine Liturgy and other Feast-day services are served (usually at least once a month) at 9:30 am in the Chapel

The Hours are read a half hour before Divine Liturgy, and 15 minutes before Vespers.

Confession is available following Vespers, before Divine Liturgy, and by appointment.

For weddings, couples must have a personal meeting with the priest to make arrangements. If one of the couple is not Orthodox, certain conditions may apply.

For a baptism, parents must have a personal meeting with the priest to make arrangements. Godparents must be practicing Orthodox Christians. Baptizing a child in the Orthodox Church presupposes that the child will be raised as an Orthodox Christian.

The church boutique, selling icons, jewellry, cards, books, etc. is open after Divine Liturgy, or by appointment.

St. Vladimir's Liturgical Choir

New members are heartily encouraged to join us anytime - those who wish to join us in offering their prayer and worship through song are more than welcome to come up to the choir loft - we will help you to find your voice! Please contact Oksana Sushko for more information.

Perogy Sales

image of perogiesDetails regarding Perogy Sales will be posted in the Fall of 2023.

Open Forum Discussion for Adults

Christian Adult Education Classes - a question and answer period with Fr. William regarding our faith, rituals, spiritual history, etc. takes place in the church as announced (check bulletin or services page). For more information, please contact Fr. William at 905-385-2712.

Volunteers are needed for:

Sunday Liturgy - parishioners are needed to act as greeters at the front door. Please contact Mrs. Sushko.

Sunday School (teachers); Jr. CYMK (advisors, resource people) - please contact Dobr. Larysa.

Brotherhood (to help in the altar) - please contact Fr. William.

Sisterhood (to help in the church) - please contact Dobr. Larysa.