Reader Schedule

If there are any conflicts with the schedule, please inform Oksana Sushko to arrange for a switch with someone - preferrably a week in advance. Please come to Church prepared to do your epistle reading, or be there early enough before Divine Liturgy begins (at least 15 minutes) so that someone can coach you.

Please inform Oksana or Fr. Wasyl if there is anyone you know who would like to read during services but is not on the list. We always welcome new readers, and are pleased to spend extra time with anyone who needs additional guidance.

Click here to see a printable .pdf version of this schedule.

DateHoursEng. EpistleUkr. Epistle
MARCH 2017  
March 5Reader GezaPhilip JurychukWalter Smyrniw
March 12 (English)Alexandra TakacsAlexandra TakacsRoman Kaminsky
March 26Reader GezaMaria-Lynn KomarAndrei Komar
March 19Oleksa BlackTaras SobolewskyStefan Sobolewsky
APRIL 2017  
April 2Oleksa BlackPhilip JurychukSubdeacon Mark
April 9 (English) PALM SUNDAYTanya HluchaniukTanya HluchaniukWalter Smyrniw
April 16 PASCHA Taras SobolewskyStefan Sobolewsky
April 23Alexandra TakacsMaria-Lynn KomarAndrei Komar
April 30Oleksa BlackPhilip JurychukRoman Kaminsky
MAY 2017  
May 7Reader GezaReader GezaWalter Smyrniw
May 14 (English)Alexandra TakacsMaria-Lynn KomarAndrei Komar
May 21Oleksa BlackTaras SobolewskyStefan Sobolewsky
May 28Reader GezaPhilip JurychukSubdeacon Mark
JUNE 2017  
June 4 PENTECOSTAlexandra TakacsAlexandra TakacsRoman Kaminsky
June 11 (English)Oleksa BlackTaras SobolewskyStefan Sobolewsky
June 18Reader GezaReader GezaWalter Smyrniw
June 25Oleksa BlackMaria-Lynn KomarAndrei Komar